Super Bowl L 2016 Dates, Stadium, Broadcasters

Super Bowl L 2016 Dates, Staduim, Broadcasters
Super Bowl L 2016 Dates, Staduim, Broadcasters

This upcoming Super Bowl 50 is the L edition of the Super Bowl in American football and is the 46th modern world National Football League champion for the upcoming NFL season. This time the game will be marketed in Arabic numerals as Super Bowl 50 instead of Super Bowl L. The game is this time scheduled to be played on February 7, 2016 in Santa Clara at the Levi’s stadium, California which was the home stadium of the San Francisco 49ers. Since the Super Bowl XIX in January 1985 This years super bowl 50 the L edition will be played in San Fransisco Bay area.

It has also been dubbed as the Golden Super Bowl because of the reason that it will be held in the golden states of California and also because of the reason that 50th anniversary is happily the golden anniversary. Many years ago in the year 2012 NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell stated that the league are all set to make the L Super Bowl marvelous. At one point of time there were proposals to the organizers were to be build in the two stadiums: Farmers Field in Downtown Los Angeles stadium in California City. However nothing was scheduled for construction by that time the final city was announced by the league.

Super Bowl L 2016 Dates, Stadium, Broadcasters

Marketing strategy
On June 4, 2014 the NFL announced that the practice of the branding of games with the roman numerals would be suspended and will be replaced by the Arabic numerals. Various gold themed promotions and initiatives were held throughout the 2015 NFL season to tie with the golden supreme bowl. Gold footballs were given in each high school that had a player or coach appear in the supreme bowl.

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Super bowl weekly events
The annual NFL experience is to be held at the Moscone center in San Francisco. In addition to that there are $2 million worth of other events including a week-long event at the center along with a wine and a beer and a pep rally. A professional fund-raiser will be given in finding business donors and sponsors but may need the council of the city to help fund the event. In addition to that funding will be provided by the council of the city which has announced plans to set aside the seed funding for the event. For the very first time the super bowl host committee has openly sought disabled lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans-gender owned businesses in business connect. The host committee has already raised over huge amount of money through sponsors like Apple, Google and Yahoo, Intel, Gap, Chevron and Dignity Health.

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Philanthropy activities
The super bowl 50 host committee has promised to be the most giving super bowl ever. It will dedicate 25 percent of all the money it raises for the social causes in the Bay area. They decided to fund philanthropic initiative and focuses on granting aid to the development of youth, investment and sustainable environment.

The half time show will have multiple acts which will include the performances of singers. The league also confirmed that the British rock group Coldplay will headline the show. The superstar singer Beyoncé is also expected to appear at the event. Bruno mars is also expected to attend the events. Maroon 5 is also considered for the performance in the half time. Adelle, one direction and metallica bands are also performing in this spectacular event.

super bowl halftime show
super bowl halftime show

The show will be broadcasted on famous channels like Ten Sports, ESPN networks. The channel have reached an agreement with the CBS and NFL to provide the Spanish broadcast of the game too which will widen its area of reach. The super bowl will take place on the 7th February, 2016 in San Francisco and will air on the CBS channel. There will be a 10 minute concert featuring all the famous bands under one roof because they have tied up with the best of brands which will sponsor the show like Levis, apple, Google. It is one of the most talked of event of the year.
Everything has been taken care of and the preparations are at its final stage and the stadium is the most greenest and the most technologically advanced stadium in the United States. The show aims at not only acting as a get together of all people irrespective of differences of caste and creed but also aims at providing a meaningful impact on the minds of the onlookers. It aims at giving most of its profits to the non-profit organizations and philanthropic activities.

Super bowl 2016: Levi’s Stadium, Santa Clara, California

Super bowl 2016: Levi’s Stadium, Santa Clara, California

The biggest sporting event, that the world is going to watch next year i.e super bowl is to be held at Levi’s Stadium, in the city of Santa Clara, California. We all are aware that the super bowl is one of the most popular and widely followed sporting event of not only the US, but the whole world. No other game on the face of the earth invokes more interest and enthusiasm than the super bowl 2016.
There is huge air of expectations and anticipation as the countdown to the super bowl begins.
Reasons for the popularity of the super bowl:

  • The football is the most popular game in the United States of America. That is why the interest the league invokes is huge. With big population following the game, there is never ever lack of interest in the league.
  • Keenly contested matches The quality of the games played at the Super bowl is very high. All the matches in the league are very closely contested. It results in some very interesting matches, which adds to the already huge interest.
  • The fan following of the players is huge There are some very big players participating in the league. They have acquired the status of super stars. This further adds to the total popularity of the Super bowl 2016.
  • The media coverage is intense The Superbowl is very intently covered by the media, be it print media ie newspapers, magazines, tabloids etc or television media. The eye balls that the Super bowl attracts is quite huge. That is why the event is so keenly covered.

Watching world biggest Sport super bowl 2016 live stream and lot of enjoy to your friends and family.

Super Bowl 2016 winners – past results

Super Bowl is the most entertaining US football sports event conducted annually. New England Patriots are the champions of 2015 Super Bowl. The first edition of Super Bowl started in 1967 played between Green Bay vs Kansas City where Green Bay (35) beats Kansas City(10). We have got the complete list of winners in Past Super Bowl.Check out below. The most awaited Super Bowl 50 will be on 7th February 2016. We provide you live updates of 2016 Super Bowl here. The commercials and Ads for 2016 super Bowl is already trending in Social Medias. Let’s check out more details about Super Bowl winners below.

Super Bowl 50 Live Stream
Super Bowl 2016 winners – past results

Super Bowl winners from 1967 to 2015

So here we are listing complete winners, teams and results of Super Bowl in the past years.

Jan 15, 1967: Green Bay 35, Kansas City 10
Jan 14, 1968: Green Bay 33, Oakland 14
Jan 12, 1969: New York Jets 16, Baltimore 7
Jan 11, 1970: Kansas City 23, Minnesota 7
Jan 17, 1971: Baltimore 16, Dallas 13
Jan 16, 1972: Dallas 24, Miami 3
Jan 14, 1973: Miami 14, Washington 7
Jan 13, 1974: Miami 24, Minnesota 7
Jan 12, 1975: Pittsburgh 16, Minnesota 6
Jan 18, 1976: Pittsburgh 21, Dallas 17
Jan 09, 1977: Oakland 32, Minnesota 14
Jan 15, 1978: Dallas 27, Denver 10
Jan 21, 1979: Pittsburgh 35, Dallas 31
Jan 20, 1980: Pittsburgh 31, Los Angeles 19
Jan 25, 1981: Oakland 27, Philadelphia 10
Jan 24, 1982: San Francisco 26, Cincinnati 21
Jan 30, 1983: Washington 27, Miami 17
Jan 22, 1984: Los Angeles 38, Washington 9
Jan 20, 1985: San Francisco 38, Miami 16
Jan 26, 1986: Chicago 46, New England 10
Jan 25, 1987: New York Giants 39, Denver 20
Jan 31, 1988: Washington 42, Denver 10
Jan 22, 1989: San Francisco 20, Cincinnati 16
Jan 28, 1990: San Francisco 55, Denver 10
Jan 27, 1991: New York Giants 20, Buffalo 19
Jan 26, 1992: Washington 37, Buffalo 24
Jan 31, 1993: Dallas 52, Buffalo 17
Jan 30, 1994: Dallas 30, Buffalo 13
Jan 29, 1995: San Francisco 49, San Diego 26
Jan 28, 1996: Dallas 27, Pittsburgh 17
Jan 26, 1997: Green Bay 35, New England 21
Jan 25, 1998: Denver 31, Green Bay 24
Jan 31, 1999: Denver 34, Atlanta 19
Jan 30, 2000: St Louis 23, Tennessee 16
Jan 28, 2001: Baltimore 34, New York Giants 7
Feb 03, 2002: New England 20, St Louis 17
Jan 26, 2003: Tampa Bay 48, Oakland 21
Feb 1, 2004: New England 32, Carolina 29
Feb 6, 2005: New England 24, Philadelphia 21
Feb 5, 2006: Pittsburgh 21, Seattle 10
Feb 4, 2007: Indianapolis 29, Chicago 17
Feb 3, 2008: New York Giants 17, New England 14
Feb 1, 2009: Pittsburgh Steelers 27, Arizona Cardinals 23
Feb 7, 2010: New Orleans Saints 31, Indianapolis Colts 17
Feb 6, 2011: Green Bay Packers 31, Pittsburgh Steelers 25
Feb 5, 2012: New York Giants 21, New England Patriots 17
Feb 3, 2013: Baltimore Ravens 34, San Francisco 49ers 31
Feb 2, 2014: Seattle Seahawks 43, Denver Broncos 8
Feb 1, 2015: New England Patriots 28, Seattle Seahawks 24

Super Bowl 2016 winner: TBA. Stay tuned on 7th February 2016

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Super Bowl 2016 Live Stream

YES its 50th Birthday of Super Bowl 2016 Live Stream with countdown on Feb 7 will be hosted in the San Francisco Bay Area by Name Super Bowl 50 XLIX

The authority is declaring openly that the Super Bowl 50 Live Stream is going to be the biggest Super Bowl the NFL has ever celebrated. It will no less than the celebration of Christmas. So, no matter what it takes the authority is going to blow up the minds of fans along with the help of Host Committee, who is responsible for the fans A to Z entertainment of the season.

Super Bowl 2016 live stream

No matter what their occupation is, every single American feels the craze for super bowl as if it is the holy celebration of their life. And this time it is adding an extra spoon of excitement as Super Bowl 2016 Live Stream is reaching a milestone, yes its 50th birthday.

The first Super Bowl was held in California, and it cannot be more perfect to celebrate this golden event in that Golden State. To make this most watched television program of United State, a unique event, this time it will be held on the Bay Area. It has already been understood that the event is going to take the NFL in a whole new level which no one could imagine before.

From teen to adults are celebrating the countdown for Super Bowl 50 Live Stream, which is going to be held in Bay Area. The Host Committee is at their feet to fulfill the commitment to make this event grand as the milestone. They are arranging the free-to-public-fan village which is known as Super Bowl City opening from January 30, 2016. They are determined to serve their best so that each family member can get a memorable event of their life in San Francisco as the venue for this event is Levi’s Stadium.

The environment and the event altogether are going to be a perfect memory for the fans who will remember it through their life time. The Host Committee is doing their best by building up Super Bowl City where fans will get a free-to-enjoy public village. The Host Committee has no doubt to give the super entertainment to fans of all ages.

The authority is ready to serve the fans with their online services from where they can get all the information including purchasing tickets. One can plan his or her visit so that everything goes perfectly to enjoy this grand event and for that he or she has to visit their website only. And the next thing is to let the dream come true and becoming a part of the history by enjoying Super Bowl 2016 Live Stream.